I bled, as if that wasn’t enough, more blood was squeezed out of me. I have never left a blood doning session with a sore and bruised finger. The donor support worker took a perverse delight in puncturing my finger with the little spring tool that pierces the layers of skin. He didn’t just depress the button, the guy also added more downward pressure to the darn needle. The red stuff was almost squirting out in a variety of directions from my poor abused digit. There was plenty of blood to roll the needle into and extract for the pre-doning test and the guy still squeezed for more.

If I spot that same blood seeker next time I decide to donate, I shall avoid him, let someone else enjoy the experience. Even today my finger is tender.

As for the actual donation of the pint, (only it’s in millilitres now) that was a doddle by comparison to the finger exercise. The assistant was a wee bit mean with the tape for securing the pressure pad where the needle had been. It was false economy as she soon found out.

Then I toddled off to the refreshments where cheery faces provided beverages of choice, (within reason) foamy marshmallow munchy things and shortbread biscuits.


0 thoughts on “BLOOD SEEKER

  1. Maybe he’s a wannabe vampire, and was hoping some would squirt his way?

    I’d love to give blood, but if I’m honest on the form, I’m not allowed to.

    More people should be like you, if only for the free biccies!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for calling in.

    Funnily enough, I was tempted to ask the guy if he was a trainee vampire! I thought better of it as he still had my finger in his firm grasp. :>>

    The form is quite a challenge isn’t it. I might blog about one or two of the questions one of these days.

    I’m glad there were the foamy marshmallow things, I will eat those once in a blue moon. I am not really a fan of shortbread biscuits.


  3. It just makes me laugh, really, that I’ve been in a relationship with the same man for almost seven years, never had unsafe sex with a stranger, probably had more sexual health check-ups than your average heterosexual, and yet I can’t give blood because I choose to sleep with someone of the same sex!

    As far as I’m aware, they test it all anyway…

    Landers makes his own Shortbread, and it’s beautifully bitter if he leaves them in the oven a bit too long – great with coffee!

  4. Sorry to hear about the abuse inflicted upon you.

    I had a blood test earlier this week and the nurse from your part of the world was soooo gently that I thought to myself, ‘You can prick me anytime and as many times as you wish!’

    Yes, a total surrender.

  5. The rejection of homosexually active people does raise more questions than it answers in the role of blood doning. The route taken by the service is one of least risk and reduced cost.

    Yes, bloods are pre-tested before you can donate. I had an extra test last year because mine didn’t drop to the bottom of the phial. The reason for bloody blob flop, turned out to be the barrier caused by my moisturising cream! Bloods are further checked I think, and are also treated with something a like a pasteurisation process before they are distributed for use. I do not know what the safety percentage or acceptable margin is, once all this processing has been undertaken.

    After all the disasters there have been for people in the last thirty years, mostly because of untested imported bloods from the Americas, there is a greater risk averse awareness in the donation organisation. It is driven by Government, who are trying to avoid paying out compensation for using contaminated blood products in the transfusion process in earlier years.

    Landers’ shortbread biscuits sound more like my kind of nosh….and with a good coffee, yum. 🙂

  6. :)) :))

    I have never been quite so brutally ‘operated’ on before for a blood donation. My finger is quite bruised around the forefront, even now. I really will make a point of saying something about this next time.

  7. I had to check whether I had ever had a transfusion of blood two or three years ago,because that would have precluded me (or anyone else) from donating.

    It’s a shame the rare group you have isn’t on board. I have donated many times and I must say there have only been two occasions over the years when I had uncomfortable experiences. I’ve lived to tell the tale! 😉

  8. I know, I know, but it’s hard not to feel discriminated against when the sole reason for your not being able to donate is that I have been in a stable relationship which just so happens to be with someone of the same gender.

    Oh well, it’s their loss!


  9. I can certainly understand your feelings.

    It goes back to the questions on the form which ask if you have had anal sex or been sexually active with someone who has. Now that question is open to both genders. While I don’t pretend to understand all the medical issues underlying this particular line of questioning, there are undoubtedly some and it all comes under the heading of risk. In discussion with someone on this issue, this evening, we decided that there would have to be an absolute crisis for any relaxations to occur.

  10. I thought a transfusion would be the reason. The Donation service are so scared of contamination.

    I am curious to know if people who have been transfused after a certain date, say, are exempted from the rule. It would make sense. If all transfused people, even those who who have been recently are excluded, it raises questions that should be answered by someone.

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