I am deeply sorry for anyone who loses a child. It creates a deep,deep pain. I hope it is one I shall never have to bear in the way that high profile parents like the Cameron’s, or the Browns have had to, or like the parents of children caught up in wars, or other major trauma, have had to endure.

Every infant mortality, be it a child who has lived for a period of time or one who did not, is like losing a limb, like losing some part of yourself. It hurts.

The experience changes you. At best, you learn to live with the loss and absorb it into your daily routines. Eventually,you may be able to think of your lost child without the rawness of the early grief. Life does continue and these experiences become part of the strange mixed tapestry of our lives.


0 thoughts on “LOSING A CHILD

  1. I have been with people who have lost a baby, sudden death syndrome, also an adult child, then there’s the experience of a wanted child, who grew and who never lived. There are other loss experiences too.

    One day I was chatting to a 13 year old; the next day she was dead, murdered. I still cannot quite take on board the feelings I had then, and the horror of it for her immediate family. Coping with sudden violent death is a feature in people’s lives too. It is a loss as hard to bear as any.

  2. Your relatives never will stop grieving. What might happen is, the depth and hurt of the pain will become more tolerable. You don’t forget, you cannot forget, it is part of you that has gone.

    Even is if it is not family who have been lost, again, you don’t forget the people you knew one day, who were gone the next. It all becomes part of your life and life experience. It is not easy.

  3. I am not sure how I would carry on if my daughter died. I can’t imagine it. The bond is so strong. Once, when I had no children of my own a friend told me she would die for her children. I didn’t really understand that until I had my daughter.

  4. It is not something any of us want to be faced with. People who are, display inordinate courage in the face of this dreadful experience. Sadly, some people don’t survive it. As I mentioned, you certainly would never, never forget.

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