Someone on the radio was blubbering on about blogs; that they weren’t interested in any old blog, (the run of the mill majority, was the actually phrase) that they were always interested in the original, the perverse, the unusual perspective. The majority of blogs were not in the categories they were seeking.

The blog that was focussed and did not digress into the detail of the creased up clothes in life’s suitcase was about the sum of what was sought.

With all the different kinds of communication in blogging, the zillions of blog sites that there are, how, I ask can they filter to the original, the perverse and the unusual perspective. I suspect there are a few favourites highlighted in certain specific directions, which are probably monitored. Can you see someone trawling through uncountable random keywords to find one subjective gem?



  1. You’ve said it all. The reasons for why people blog are numerous, and the reasons for why certain people or organisations seek items to suit their biases and agendas, are legion.

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