Now why would I want to do that? The invitation to join a blog community read, “I would love you to read my blog”.

With the best will in the world, I hope the writer will find lots of people who would love to read his blog.



0 thoughts on “TOO GOOD TO MISS…………….

  1. Some people just collect friends to be able to boast how many fans they have for their blog. Personally, I hate to join a crowd.

    Anyone on my friends list can be sure their there because I read their blog.

  2. Hi, how are you?

    Was his output sporty?

    Honestly, Mr F. I find the approach (and 400+ ‘friends’!)arrogant. I wonder how many of the four hundred you came across, actually investigated before they accepted the invitation.

    The guy may be wanting to sell his skills eventually and lives in hope he’ll be discovered, but it will not be by me.


  3. I am in total agreement with you. It is good to have a range and variety, but it does have to mutually suit.
    More often than not, waiting to see helps in that outcome. Sometimes, you do have to try and see.

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