Have you seen the notice about proposed new tags? Tags that will be new and the ones that won’t be, but will be used or won’t be, those tags that could be and may not be around. The notice is on the BCUK information site. It goes on to explain (at least I think it does) that priority will be given to tags that tag, therefore, tags that did tag will still be able to tag but tag in a different or in the same way. 88|

apparently when it happens it will happen and no doubt I will be informed even if I am not enlightened. That just about sums it up really.



0 thoughts on “CONFUDDLED.

  1. I have had 2 tags.

    One was much appreciated.

    One was initially baffling, until the lady eventually explained her reasons for tagging me. And then it was also appreciated, although for vastly different reasons.

  2. Haven’t a clue what you are on about !

    I thought initially it was about clothing tags. Now I have learned something about those this week. Apparently BNWT on eBay means ‘brand new with tags’ in reference to clothes. You learn something every day.

    But blog tags ? I give in.


  3. I’m really acknowledgeable is this bit of the I.T. field, but if words do something with ‘tags’, so be it.

    Getting into the tagging thing is a whole other story,about which, I am still really, none the wiser. I shall happily, (or not, as the case may be)splash about in the pool of tags till the ripples do something allowing me to gently surf along with them.

  4. Oh, is this some other tag thing that I am not wised up on? I am aware of the personal ones. I don’t indulge in them. As far as I tell, that sort of tagging is about other people being able to describe you in some form; for what purpose, is a mystery. So long as they are not insulting or offensive in any way, I jog along with them. If they were not acceptable, I would turn off that facility, (if you still can).

    I thought blog was talking about something else. Don’t ask me what, as you know, I am confuddled.

  5. Hmm. I’ve just replied to Bearcub on those personal tags. I don’t involve myself in those, though I have been given some.

    I really don’t have a clue what tagging Blog is waffling on about, but it is something that is going to be new and improved. Doesn’t that fill you with joy!

  6. You haven’t a clue what I am on about….that’s good, because I don’t have a clue what blog is on about, so I have effectively conveyed it. Brilliant!

    BNWT. I haven’t heard that one before. I have learnt something here, but I do know what clothing tags are.

    Chris, please don’t ask me about the intricacies of blog tags, I am not the person to answer you, I am totally confuddled.

    One thing I do know is that words find things. Another thing I have seen are the personal tags, with which other people label some of their friends…that baffles me, why?

    However, you will have to patiently wait to see what new and wonderful facility, (or may be it isn’t)is designed and given as great largesse to us blog plebs.

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