We nearly choked on the soft noodles in our soup. We doubled up laughing with every utterance that continued with the interview on The Food Show.

Damson gin has been sloe this year. It has been selling sloe-er than ever before”.

The unconscious ones are always the best.


0 thoughts on “HOW SLOW IS SLOE?

  1. :)) :)) :)) That is fabulous. It is better than the misunderstandings of children I have heard this week on the radio. Some of them I recognised because I made them myself.

    For example;
    …Harold be thy name (Lords Prayer)
    …Thanks Peter God (not mine)

  2. one from my own school days was when the headmaster apparently started each morning prayer with “Our Henry Father…” and i always wondered who he was.

  3. I would wonder who Henry was as well. Which prayer was that?

    I can recall elements of the Lord’s Prayer as we did it, but Henry doesn’t seem to want to repeat an appearance when I mentally go through it.

  4. i don’t know if it was a particular prayer or whether he always began with what i later realised was “Our Heavenly Father…”
    he was a bit of a mumbler, it seems.

  5. Eureka! It was, or could have been a way of starting The Lord’s Prayer. So, you would get Our heavenly Father who art in Heaven…”

    Which would translate into “Our Henry, father, who Arthur in Heaven”. Presumably meaning, there was a Henry at one level, who was likely to have morphed into an Arthur in the other level.


  6. It is bound to be a Trinity. Of what kind, has to be summed up by us and all others, who have the alternative long-term understandings of the recitations, nothing else would do.

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