It is virtually impossible to find a bed as comfortable as the one you sleep in comfortably, mostly soundly, the bed you call your own. Even if you sleep elsewhere, using a bed that has a good mattress, it just does not feel the same and sleep may not be as restful .

Then there are the features that aid sleep. Where I live, we are coming into the longer days. Soon mornings will be so bright by 4am that dark blinds will be needed. If we visit friends, invariably, they have flimsy white or light tie up blinds that fasten with many bows, or light coloured lined curtains that do not reach fully across the window, (though they reach down to the floor)which have huge clear light emitting gaps either side. Spend any length of time at such places and you will suffer very quickly from sleep deprivation.

You wake up, probably at some unearthly hour, bathed in sweat from the eye mask. It’s a good cover for slimming down facial features by excessive perspiration but as for encouraging proper restful sleep……

I have tried all sorts of things to deal with the light at small windows and average sized ones, some of them have helped. the really wide and long windows are a tall order with which to achieve anything.


0 thoughts on “BED,BED GLORIOUS BED

  1. I’m glad to hear of someone else who suffers from light. I was brought up in an isloated area with no streetlights or traffic and I have never adapted to the concept that the night can be illuminated or be noisy.

  2. Oh yes, I’ve experienced that. It got to a point, many years ago now, where to deal with long term sleep deprivation and the concomitant exhaustion, the doc gave me sleeping pills. Not something I would want to recommend or get used to.

    It is difficult isn’t it.

  3. That’s interesting. I was a city girl, but in my youth, street lights were not as broadly and brightly beamed as they are today. I also slept in the opposite direction to windows, and overlooked gardens.

  4. Finding suitable breathable materials where I live would be the first major hurdle. For the little bit required it is not cost effective to travel hundreds of miles to find it, nor scour the internet for small snippets of specialist requests.

    Making a mask as such, is not such a complex issue, especially as the template is already available and finishing either by hand or machine (preferably the latter) can be done.

    I ended up cutting up a very old corset many moons ago, to create a support panel within a garment that I was making, some bits of the corset panel had well worn edges. I had to cut to avoid the worst of wear. The appropriate materials (lycra) were not available here all those years ago.

  5. Nice thoughts, but afraid not. The materials would have to be very modern ones, I would also want to see them and check them to ensure I had found the right thing. The same problems arise as mentioned before.

  6. I think your symptoms were where I had got to and it just could not be afforded by anyone. I had to be fit for irregular and unpredictable working circumstances when they arose, as they most certainly did. Hence the problem, one or two accidents and a very temporary solution.

    Not much fun it is. :**:

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