Even we had brilliant weather yesterday, Friday 20th March 2009. I’m sure it hit the amazing heights of 17 deg Celsius here in the North of Scotland. I removed my fleece jacket and slung it round my shoulders while I was enjoying a calm coastal walk.

There was a stone stile to climb, a large slate barrier finishing up against a drystone dyke; there was not enough room to swing the legs round the lowest slate, so I eased over.

Then the unexpected. In the middle of nowhere, a dilapidated turquoise “sit and be thankful” resting against the stone dyke separating the farmlands from the coastal path. So I did sit, getting a wet rear for my pleasure; though it soon dried off in the sun.

P1110365 copy

Everything around us sparkled, all was very bright, the sea water was clear, the sky was so blue. Even the dead grasses and the slowly reviving heathers looked great. It is too soon to describe things as being lush. How joyous though to be able to take advantage of such a great weather day.

P1110341 copyP1110358 copyP1110360 copyP1110350 copy

There was a waterside cormorant pow wow that caught my attention; they had a seagull visiting. No doubt the ambassador laying a path for some very senior feathered dignitary.

P1110381 copy

Further on a broken stile had not been repaired and spiked wiring (with bits of sheep wool caught on it) had been stretched across the upright flagstones and the remains of the stile, at a heights obviously set to deter intrepid walkers from going further. These things are made to ignore, and with such good weather, there was no risk in descending and easing round the lower level slates, where it appeared someone else in the past had done the same thing and had cut the wire. It didn’t matter that a few hundred yards further on there was a stepped and flowing stream cutting through the ground. The decision was either to wash the boots of mud while fording the stream and plod on, or call it walkers’ end.

P1110373 copy


0 thoughts on “WALKERS’ END

  1. Nearly…….I have visited Altnaharra, about 4 years ago, when there were almost equatorial temperatures there for about a week. The silence in that area – rather than peace – was almost painful.

  2. It is one of the most pleasant walks I have done in some time. I did this same walk, though did not venture quite as far, during the Xmas New Year period. There was no driftwood seat on the path then. I wonder where it came from? Though sunny, with a mixed winter sky scene, a really cold wind blew then, so it was quite a different, less leisurely, walking experience.

    You would have loved this walk the other day! 🙂

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