In case it has passed you by, (that would not be easy I grant you) in the U.K. this is Mothering Sunday, or Mother’s Day. It is lovely to celebrate parents if you have good memories of them. There are many people out in the big wide world that cannot, do not, may not wish to celebrate their parents lives or existence.

For so many people, Mothers’ or Fathers’ Days are just another day. This emptiness, this blank space, was recently brought into public focus by Prince William who is one of very many people who feel the same way following the death or loss of a parent.

I love the thought I am being thought about in a warm way, even from afar. I hope I was able to give my mother the same warmth and enjoyment of knowing that I cared about her, not just on Mothering Sunday, but always.

Today, I will be visiting my mother-in-law who has dementia, and who is safely looked after in her residential home. Her little room will be stacked full of flowers in vases and pots; there will not be room for anymore. I found some old fashioned boiled sweets, memories of years gone by, which I will mix up and present in a box, or better still, a glass jar.




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