Not so long ago, I wrote on the joys, (or not) of tags and tagging. I have become vaguely aware that the new BCUK tag system is ‘now out’. There is even a fuzzy picture by way of partial explanation.

It is probably no accident that a fuzzy visualisation has been provided for our clarity. I am still none the wiser about what I am supposed to do with the ‘new and improved’ tags, or perhaps, more pertinently, what the tags are supposed to do for me. :no:

And whilst on the subject of tags, if I am, I accidentally clicked onto the site introduction page where regular users are highlighted. Some of those tagged as regulars, are not, and have not been for many, many months. This old chestnut does not give one confidence that tags (or is it human selection?) have changed much, if at all.


0 thoughts on “THE JOYS OF TAGGING.

  1. I remember this post of yours, but i didn’t see/read yet that BCUK’s post about the tags, and way of tagging, i will check it, because we are tagged by ..well in my case i let it only for friends..anyway yes i hope we can have the choice of not being tagged or delete it if we want to..i guess it isn’t it?
    I’m refering to the tags on the profile page, is about those ones isn’t it?
    Anyway, when we tag on our posts, Google gool’Eat it! As everybody goes to one of our posts or more while googling something…that’s how i and ,my blog were found by people i know and to whom i never told about my blog :-/
    I don’t use to tag usally my friends nowadays, i mean yes i already tagged, or may tag eventually, sometimes even for fun if we are chatting and playing we go and tag the other, but that’s different it is us playing with it and aware of it, now never to up-set on purpose no one as those evil tags that were kinda fashion ( for some weirdos, or whatever kind of bloggers around the net doing that ) once and brought some problems here on blogland a while ago, ; so with me that it is not usual to happen or do, usually i tagg very few times, and once i even started to tag my friends, with kk friends till i noticed that it appeared as a tag on the site’s page :-/ that embarressed me because i did it without thinking that would/could happen…then done well i don’t want my friends feel i like this one or another one more than others, no, i care for all and that’s why nowadays i’m more careful as people may not like it and i never mind of course that my friend delete it.
    but i see your point, and i am not understanding too why that about the new way of tagging…well we can always close it and not aloud no one to tag us isn’t it? :??: Or even delete the tags..i hope! I really must read it so i understand it better and see what they want with that indeed :-/ I am confudled too M. :))

  2. If for instance you added a tag to anyone’s posting you wanted to be able to find again. A tag such as “menhirs-favourite” then when you wanted to find them, you could click on “menhirs-favourite” in the tag list and they would all be listed for you to choose from.

  3. I am not surprised at your concerns or lack of knowledge of this subject Kiki. I experience the same puzzlement. There are so many types and styles of tagging that are suggested to me, I am no wiser about what is going on. I remain confuddled!

  4. Nice thought Munzly – is this all third party stuff? But how do you actually do it?

    I assume though, thinking about what you say, the same action can benefit, in your example, me, should I want to keep track of something I may wish to refer back to. I am still in the position of not knowing how to perform the actual function.

    Thank you.

    How are you doing these days?

  5. Look at the bottom line, of anyone’s blog, the one starting with “Comments……etc” there is a link called “Add Tags” click on that, type your tag, click “Add” – may not always work because posters can disable it if they want to.

  6. I’ve just added “help-given” as a tag on your posting. Now if I search the tags for that, it will return here for me. Of course, you can get rid of it by going into “Edit” mode.

  7. Aha, I have seen your tag. These tags have no relevance to in blog links, or the personal tags.

    Does this mean then, that every blog of mine you choose to tag will have to say ‘help given’ Or if I tag one of yours it will always have to say, for example, ‘great character’? Where is this information stored for me to retrieve it?

    I have to say, I wish I had known a bit more about the what where and how before; some of your previous blogs have been absolute gems!

  8. One only uses the same tag word or phrase where you want to link postings together in a category. If I give you help in another posting I shall tag it in the same way, if I ant to put it into another category, I’ll use something different.

    You can tag Bloggers in the same way – just go into their profiles and use the Add Tag facility. Again it is possible for a blogger to protect their own blog against tagging by others if you want to.

    If you scroll down on the right sidebar to this posting you will see a list of tags and a link at the bottom to “More Tags” – explore from there. It takes time for these tag lists to get updated to don’t expect to find today’s tags there yet.

  9. I’ve just tagged your profile as “scottish” – So now if I tag other Scots bloggers in the same way, I can get them all listed together. I could do the same with say a “jokers” tag on all the comedy bloggers.

  10. Just played with more tags taking the pumpkin route. What an eye opener! Is there a specific file that you can store exceptional items by tag, or do all tags get alphabetically listed in an ‘unholy’ alliance?

    It strikes me that anything third party I tag would be on the third party site, not something I could import to a folder of mine.

    I’m just swooning here to ‘Marianne’ though it sounds either updated or a cover, but very,very good, nevertheless.

  11. I have tagged you ‘cerebral’, hopefully, I’ll remember this description. It is highly unlikely too many others will arise with such a tag – unless you pop up with some academics!

  12. PS put ‘C’ tag in the incorrect place I think. I have therefore gone into your site and tagged elsewhere. You’ll be notified now. BTW, this is a first for me; I have never tagged anyone on BCUK.

  13. Hi M. :wave:
    I guess i am understanding what Munzly says, and wow i didn’t know about that!!!
    That is greatto know…i didn’t know this about “add tags ” !! That would link us to the other blogger!
    Thank you very much to you bot πŸ™‚

  14. I have been gaining some knowledge about tagging from Munzly (on my friends list). Have a look at his advice to me and see if you can try it out. There are, as far as I can ascertain, two types of tagging he refers to. I am still rather unsure of its value but that might come clearer in time.

  15. Now, now, Tylluan, boiling heads is not allowed.

    When you’ve recovered your equilibrium, have a look at Munzly’s replies to my queries. You will start to make some sense of this ‘nonsense’ maybe even manipulate it to your benefit in due course. Of course, you can leave well alone and it will make absolutely no difference to what you or I do. πŸ™‚

    I can’t say, at this very moment, that I am literate with tags but, there are distinct possibilities that I may become adept at using them in my own way, if I want to. Now, there’s the rub…….. It is however, more empowering to know something of this subject than remain totally confuddled. it goes wider than the operations with BCUK.

    BCUK do not explain well what they do or how the users can benefit by what evolves or use what they do.

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