THanks FOR wHAT?

Recently, I was thanked for downloading Apple iTunes No.8

I didn’t know I had ❓


0 thoughts on “THanks FOR wHAT?

  1. It’s one of their sneaky tricks – you should not have clicked that particular button during the download of something else from apple. If I remember right, there’s one pop-up that you just need to close, rather than say OK or Cancel.

  2. I think I can live with it, I don’t use it much. What I do object to, is their real sneaky thing of not making it clear that you do not need to download Oasis on a PC. Knowing as I did about their platform, I did not agree to download it.

    I got something else, which was a real pain to get rid of, deeply embedded into the registry as well. I can’t remember the name of it off-hand. Some phone on the move thing, that I do not need, nor do I want.

    Now days, I don’t let Apple download anything without my say so, I think the corp. got round it by doing something different with the last notification.

  3. I have had a go at uninstalling the phone thing. I think I have got it out of the registry. I found something in Google and Wiki for dealing with it. There was obviously a known problem. It wouldn’t do the usual uninstall through windows. It was worse than a limpet.

    Oasis, I have not downloaded, so I have no problem with that.


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  5. :)) :)) Oh dear. Brilliant!

    My brother used to do things like this. Once I received a very official letter (good quality paper etc) with the port cullis letter head – he is an artist and could reproduce these things beautifully – and contained therein was a particularly attractive invitation.

    I really enjoyed this, irony and all.

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