He stood head and shoulders above the rest; elegant and finely proportioned. A beautiful facial bone structure, with eyes that were lively and which brightly observed what was going on around him. He moved confidently and evenly through the throng. Nothing was going to perturb him. What a fabulous proud creature.

Alongside the jabbering, jumpy hordes, he presented a wonderful personal example. Like them, he too was uncoated on what was a relatively chilly day, but he did not quiver. This superb black-faced ram with his even four black socks on his feet and four legs, is destined to be a champion.


0 thoughts on “HE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL.

  1. That’s my view too.

    I spoke to the farmer’s hubby recently, and he said his wife was looking after that one. They don’t usually have black-faced sheep, but I bet she spotted this one’s potential.

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