This is the week where I was enlightened.

This was the week I was informed that vegetarians suffer with an eating disorder. I wonder why vegans were not mentioned.

I also learned that, with the best will in the world, a works canteen on a major construction site, could not provide workman-sized meals (plates piled high) with free range and organic food at a price workmen would pay. “With the best will in the world” said the buyer, “my budget does not allow for it”. Her canteen prices would have to rise by at least £3 per meal.

Meantime, the workmen are being educated in what constitutes healthy eating while away from the comforts of home. Their menu choices indicate they have been giving the lower cholesterol nosh a fair try, but, very definitely at a cost they feel balances with their expenses and what’s left in their pockets.


0 thoughts on “MAKING ENDS MEET

  1. Was that on the Food Program on Radio 4? I just caught the end of some such stuff, but missed the bit about Vegetarians. Some d*mn dietary pundit, no doubt…. 😉

  2. No, not the food programme, the vegetarian eating disorder was the brainchild of Giles Coren.

    Damn dietary pundits make me screech when they bang on about organic, fair trade etc. I have my own views on both of those as I do GM, but I won’t go into that here.

  3. Giles, son of Alan. Just found the article via Google. Hah!

    As far as I’m concerned being a “food critic” is an eating disorder, traditionally known as Gluttony.

    I know a lot of vegetarians, non of whom I would describe as pale or flaky, some of whom are ex-uni champion rowers and weight lifters, non of whom have piercings or tattoos, but all have a strong intellect and high intelligence.

    I used to admire Alan’s writing, but as for Giles…. well I wouldn’t want to seem vindictive, so I won’t comment on him.

  4. I would agree with your view on food critics.

    As for Giles, he is shallower compared to his father. A new generation trying anything to make a mark. I’m not even sure the so-called newspapers of any variety these days, are anything but shallow. Therefore, maybe Giles suits the level.

    All that having been said, you cannot accuse Giles C of not being a lateral thinker!

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