Never plan out your day, not even the night before. There are occasions when time management just does not work. I knew what I needed to do, I knew what time was available to do things in.

When day dawned it was clear to me that my priorities and the plan order had got to change.

08.35. Phoned doctors’ surgery requesting an appointment as soon as possible and preferably today, for hubby. (It’s a medium sized group practice, there’s bound to be someone who can fit him in). There was one appointment space available at 08.50. I said we’d take it. Rushed to hubby and he rolled himself out of his sick bed.

Quickly made us both a drink. We gulped a couple of mouthfuls, no time for the remainder.

09.45 In surgery waiting room.

09.06 Whizzed off to pharmacy to get prescription dispensed.

09.25 Home. Rushed around trying to recoup a bit of time, which left bed sheets etc in the wash, but no time to re-make the bed. Decided, it would be alright if hubby stayed in the comfort and warmth of home.

10.05 Five minutes late delivering car for service and M.O.T.

Walked into town to meet a friend for elevenses and couldn’t remember where we arranged to meet. As I’d noted our meeting in my diary, I phoned home. No answer…….where was hubby ❓


0 thoughts on “THE HOME FRONT.

  1. Hubby? Being a good hubby he would be out of range to hearg the telephone, being very busy completing the bed sheet washing that you had deserted! lol

    That medicine you gave him worked wonders – we hope so anyway.

  2. Wrong on all counts, I’m afraid.

    I dealt with the washing, made up the bed at tea time, after I had managed to catch up with some of the things I had planned to do first thing this morning!

  3. No, it was not either of those. He is being coy, something occurred he shouldn’t have attempted. Hubby paid for whatever trick he pulled. By late afternoon he was needing to get into bed, he was very cold.

  4. Indeed it is intriguing and he is worse for wear today as well. Guess who shared the very restless night!

    It takes a lot to keep him in bed. Whatever he’s got, it’s done it.

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