Like many people, I have been taking heed of the news of tremors and the earthquake in the Abruzzo region of Italy, in and around L’Aquila.

So far, there have been some remarkable recoveries, including a woman who is nearly 90 years old. She kept herself amused with crochet, it is reported.

I am very perturbed though, that the Italian head of government, Berlusconi, has announced that the rescue missions will continue only for another 48 hours. Why this arbitrary figure? Does he have knowledge of the exact numbers of people who are on the local registers, who are all accounted for? I very much doubt it.

In past earth quakes and building collapses, people have been pulled out alive, some relatively unscathed, after longer periods than 72 hours, after the traumatic event.



  1. The death toll is up to about 265 at last news announcement that I heard.

    It is easy to lose oneself in ones own world, then later, you wonder where the world passed by.

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