Italian Earth Quake 2 – On this or Another Planet?

Well, well, well, the revered Italian Prime Minister, Berlusconi, he of Royal House of Windsor disdain fame, has now told German reporters that the survivors of the Aquila earthquake, currently ‘housed’ in tents, should look upon their current circumstances as being in a holiday camp!

Oh what fun, we can play at being in Butlins, (or the Italian equivalent); the Redcoats will be here soon to provide entertainment“. Am I missing something here, maybe Berlusconi is the buffoon providing distraction.

What planet is this guy on, what mental universe is he circling around….get real. It doesn’t bode well, in the medium term at least, for people who are homeless as consequence of this trauma and in an area where there are still after shocks. How the hell could the Italian people have voted in such a person, some egocentric strutter who tells dispossessed people, people who are in shock, to pretend they’re in a holiday camp.

:**: :crazy:


0 thoughts on “Italian Earth Quake 2 – On this or Another Planet?

  1. I agree menhir what a dreadful thing to say to those poor people who have gone through hell I dont think he will be in office for much longer ..

  2. It wasn’t so long ago that this man was re-elected.

    I wonder if there will be enough interest in major protest with everything else that’s on people’s mind’s just now.

  3. I hope they don’t forget Berlusconi’s callousness. The problem is, will it be reported in the Italian media, he owns and controls most of it.

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