The love search online season is back.

Today I got an invitation from a person who has no blog history, to create wonderful friendship, with a view to getting to know each other better and….. blah, blah,blah. In the past, these invitations have arrived from people with female names; the latest proposition seems to be from a male based in Africa.

It’s a different slant on the boiler room scam, or the ‘give me your money for loads of extra return’, usually amounting to something less than fresh air.

There is every likelihood that the title of this blog and some of the key words in it will attract more unwanted suitors, probably of both genders. Should anyone with lovelorn ideas link into this blog, be warned, GET LOST!


0 thoughts on “LOVE ONLINE

  1. Funny menhir I got one today from a person called Rita who would love to get to know me better!!!sent to my personal message I just deleted it and asked folks how I could change it to get messages only from people on my friends list which I have managed to do so hopefully avoiding these “lovelorn” folk !!!!

  2. One problem with restricting your Pm’s to friends only, might be, (I say might, as I am not entirely sure) that you will block any genuine ‘enquirers’.

    The one today, I did not note. Usually I would and report the nuisance to blog. Blog is pretty good at deleting these convenience sites when informed. It doesn’t stop more rolling in, it does however, put out the alert.

    Generally, I act quickly on scams of a serious nature; then with the publicity, I find that others have been bothered with the insidious ‘spam’. I find then some bloggers have done what I do, they have reported the generator of the scam to get it/them off the site.

    Every now and then, there’s a batch of lovelorn folk; then they disappear for a while. It is interesting yours had a regular sounding Western name.

  3. Mine sent me an email address to write to asking please write soon ! ! I often get emails telling me I have won a fortune you simply must claim probably with the credit crunch its going to only get worse and I have to agree its true that genuine people wont be able to send messages to me so there is a good and a bad side to restricting ..

  4. It is surprising what people will respond to. My response is either the same as yours and highlighting the event for others to note, hoping they will take cognisance of the reality (as you say, some won’t) or, depending how a message reads, I will ask blog to investigate with a view to removing the site of convenience from blog.

  5. down our way recently, a woman was conned out of her life savings online by a guy who she never met and only ever corresponded to in email.
    it would be easy to mock the naivety of others but she was genuinely taken in by this guy from, surprise surprise, Nigeria.

  6. Oh yes, I had an email address as well. The inbox will be minus yours and mine.

    The money scam ones, I definitely refer to blog. I may start referring these ‘love me do’ ones, as people who do reply to them, and there will be some people who will, could be opening themselves to scamming of a variety of sorts.

  7. Oh hell……what a horrible set of circumstances. I don’t know how you educate people, of all ages, not to touch these contacts with a barge pole.

    I think the guy, (if it was one) from Africa who contacted me via Pm’s, would be taking a million pot shots to gain one entrée to a trusting soul.

  8. yes, they know it’s worth a thousand deleted emails if only one person falls into their trap.
    loneliness is often seen as a very easy target for these things.

  9. I bet you’re glad you missed out there!

    Seriously, though, I do wish there weren’t people out there trying to take advantage of other people. They do score and someone gets hurt.

  10. You’ve got Rita have you, so does another lady on my friends list. I got my invitation from a guy, by the sound of the name, with an African location.

    Don’t concern yourself about sharing Rita with me, you’ll have to concern yourself elsewhere with that arrangement. Enjoy!

  11. Pretty Intelligent Princess (on my friends list) has let it be known she’s heard from Rita too. (See her comment). That gal is sharing herself around, pretty widely! :**:

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