An increasing number of bloggers who have been around this site for a long time are saying that they don’t attract the numbers of comments that they used to and they ask why. Being an interactive site, that is a valid query. I have had the same experience.

The people I notice who raise the issue, are, in the main, bloggers who write, respond to comments on their own site but do little or no interacting with other bloggers or their sites. It is inevitable I think, that if that’s the way you blog, eventually people will seek pastures new.

Other reasons are prevalent. Style for one thing. We all have one. You might lose your early appeal. It seems to me that there are few knowledgeable bloggers who want to put their heads over the parapet on serious issues. If a survey were undertaken, I believe it would show that the vast majority of blogs are lightsome ones. It would also show that suggestive blogging attracts; there is always prurient interest.

There are the usual drop out rates, which are quite high. I have seen a lot of comings and goings. Even people with which there were very interesting connections have gone, or they’ve taken a back seat. Very few people on my current friends list have walked the same time line as me.

It’s a reflection of a transient population and how it changes group dynamics.



  1. Good post that it does ask a queston a lot ponder on. I tend to have bursts of commenting on other blogs and sometimes don’t even comment on my own.
    Certain events I have posted on have shown an increase in stats namely Teal OS for Palm PDAs and Jade Goody Jokes.
    Even at that my stats can fluctuate wildly. Stats are a thing like wages are a thing few discuss.

  2. Thanks for calling in.

    I wouldn’t know what Teal is, though if it is an OS, I know that’s shorthand for operating system.

    Jade Goody jokes,I haven’t seen much of, but then I wouldn’t necessarily go looking for them.

    As for stats, I rarely look at them; they mildly interest me but not enough to get stirred up about. What I notice is the actual physical numbers of comments on any particular blog of mine. Then I sit and think sometimes, not often, what was it that generated a particular level of response.

    It is a fact that if people really want interaction without making it a four way process, You with them and others with them, the majority of such people will be left on a soapbox with no participating audience. You have to have a rare talent, or a particular interest connection, to maintain a one sided readership.

  3. I agree with what you are saying menhir I have noticed myself some people do not respond to even their friends blogs mind you if I dont agree with what is being said I would rather not say anything …

  4. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a comfort zone. Not all commentary has to be disagreeable; some of the most interesting and vigorous commentsI have received, made or read, usually come to a halt at certain appropriate junctures.

    My major blogging rule is not to get personal. In reverse, I don’t expect comments to me to be either. I find it interesting to cultivate that rule.

  5. being naturally polite, i make a point of replying to anybody who comments on my blog, many people don’t bother to do so and may then wonder why their comments dwindle in future.
    i comment mainly on friends blogs, not out of a sense of duty but because i wanted to say something and show i’d enjoyed their post.
    i very rarely write anything serious myself and when i do, these are the times when i receive hardly any replies.

  6. Most of my posts receive a few comments. The secret methinks is having good friends. Some of my stuff’s fairly depressing … so lightness alone isn’t required.

    Suggestive and prurient isn’t my style! Mine’s a very personal blog. An everyday life – No great excitement. I genuinely love it when people respond. Mayhap .. somehow .. that shows?

    Adam … x

  7. You endorse my points about blogging and posting. Commenting by way of reply on your own blog is naturally polite, unless the comment needs no response.

    One of my commentators mentioned he often forgets to comment on his own blog because he is busy commenting on other bloggers blogs. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s interactive commenting on other people’s blogs that mostly falls by the wayside and I wonder if that is an egocentric thing, a generational behaviour, or something else that I am missing……….? These things take time and that is a luxury in short supply for some people.

    I do remember one or two serious posts by you, especially when you were concerned about family health issues – a long time ago, now. We did have some interchange on the topic and I think you had some other sensible replies. I assume all those concerns have settled.

  8. Hello,

    Thanks for commenting to this blog.

    My blog is not suggestive or prurient either, at least I hope it is not seen that way, as it is not my style . That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a little clever innuendo sometimes.

    I miss some of friends I had who used to engage in semi and serious thoughts; they have gone. Some were visionaries. Life has made other demands on them. To date, there remains a void where they were. One or two friends have chosen to stay in contact in other ways. Or, once in a while, someone calls in to say hello.

    I comment on what takes my interest; it’s mostly about life as I see it or experience it. While I do have a varied and good list of friends, I accept that what I write doesn’t necessarily enthral them, or motivate them to comment. Some do. Some blogs of mine have stayed peculiarly silent.

    But hey, it’s my blog, and so long as I am comfortable with it, it is what it is.

  9. I also read many posts…including friends posts and comment only

    ‘…not out of a sense of duty but because I wanted to say something…’ Adamantixx

    Absolutely spot on…

    I would never get offended if someone did not reply to my comments…or indeed did not comment.

    Obviously, I look forward to your return comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Some days I comment and others I don’t. It depends on how much I’m working. Before I burned my other identity and came back I had many more page views. I have not blogged as much since my return and also traced high page views to the widget that was sticking some people in my blog. haha.

  11. Absolutely! Our blogs are us!
    I couldnย’t change mine if I wanted!

    Absent friends – Understood!
    Iย’ve lost a few since Iย’ve been here.
    One or two I really miss. I guess I always will.

    Adam … x

    P.S. Innuendo – Me too!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I am determined to get back to commenting and blogging again soon. At the moment I have to limit what I can do (and the typing takes longer) but…. onwards and upwards!

    I can do it…. you just can’t keep a good owl down! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. all is well and good now, thank-you.
    i think most bloggers also enjoy reading the blogs of others and with the daunting numbers of friends i see around, it would be no surprise to find that time often defeats them in both reading and commenting.
    i do, however, think there are a minority who live within their own blog and hardly ever step beyond it to see what other people are saying.

  14. I am not too worried that people do not comment, after all it is for me bit of a diary come thinking space. I do like to comment and of course receive them but time and/or energy is often lacking. I look at my emails more now so I am getting to reply to comments more. That is one aspect I kept forgetting about.

  15. Your last para is, I believe, spot on, though, I am not sure that it is a minority. I tend to connect with people who do interact, those that don’t I usually consider my options. I have a couple or three people on my friends list who reply to their own blog comments but no wider; one person in the past, has been more widely interactive and I have some idea about what is happening.

    This means therefore, that what you and I see are a personally selected number of people; we don’t count those that pass by or those who do not remain. This is why I believe the limited interaction blogger forms part of a bigger picture than we think.

    As for the bloggers who avoid deeper thinking issues (I’m not talking emotional stuff, there’s plenty of that) they are many. There are others who hide behind ‘revolutionary’ headings and usually spout vacuous or incorrect ‘fact’, rather much mirroring the press and other forms of media, who believe they are being deeper thinking. There are some who court unpleasantness-extremes. You can’t agree with everything but there are ways and means to discuss. even on blog.UK! :yes: This is precisely what we are doing at the moment. It may be benign, that’s fine too. We are though, airing a range of thoughts and ideas that do not often emerge.

    I understand that many people are uncomfortable with issues of daily life and blog because they want some other kind of space. It is increasingly difficult now, to find bloggers who enjoy an eclectic mix.

  16. an eclectic mix is a very important point here, i’d hate to trudge through blog-after-blog that was each identical in content to its predecessor and i find that one of the best aspects of having a selection of friends is the diversity of styles and content to stir the thought processes.
    i must admit to shying away from commenting on certain topic not because i didn’t enjoy reading the post but because i feel my knowledge in that particular area is too limited for me to offer anything of value.

  17. Oh yes, I recognise that last point. There are so many people though, who do comment without knowledge. I have received some weak and weird responses sometimes, admittedly, that I have provoked. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It has been useful to assess the substance of what has been raised in the first place.

  18. and i think the golden rule, for me anyway, is “if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all”
    i like a good debate but there are numerous examples of people starting with a discussion and ending in acrimonious argument, something to which i’m deeply averse and tend to avoid at all costs.

  19. I liked the way Munzly stopped a mis-match of views from becoming impossibly intractable. “I think we shall stop at this point”. I have done something similar when someone has felt the need to be defensive, (knowing that a lot crap had been spouted) as, like you, I see no point in a debate on here, degenerating into a personal slanging match. There have been other acidic situations which, I guess, mirrors life in general, it’s been shrugged off as ‘one of those things’. And you know what Ax, those people are still on my friends list. ๐Ÿ™‚

    One of my primary rules is not to be personal. I think I have managed to stick with that. (Like with the BBC, someone is bound to come out of the woodwork and say “wrong…..”) I really do believe though, I have kept to this particular rule of mine. I remember halting someone else in their tracks once by pointing out that I did not get personal and hoped others would respect that.

  20. that strikes me as a good idea, often it’s better to agree to differ on certain things which doesn’t mean that people can’t still remain friends, as you say.
    wouldn’t life be dreary if we all held the same views on everything?

  21. OMG… yes. I’ve experienced dreary blog sites; notice past tense.

    We should be able to agree to differ and sometimes it is worth saying just that.

  22. Well Menhir as one of the people who raised this issue,but in what I intended as a tongue in cheek posting, I will just to have accept my dwindling popularity as evidence of my inability to comment widely on other peoples blogs and become a blog hermit.
    All the best
    And congrats on being a featured blog you dark horse!

  23. I’m what……………….?

    I rarely look at the ratings, I did not have any notion of this turn of events. Ooh dear, can I handle it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I was doing some minor research, (not scientifically superior, you understand) and I reckoned with my approximate 1/3 of friends’ responses to many of my posts, and you will see I don’t have huge numbers of friends, many of those people I come across with three figure numbers on their lists, are not faring much differently.

    I don’t know if you do comment widely, venture to far flung places. Perhaps from what you say, you stay close to home base. It is nice to welcome you to my domain Tim, you really must visit again.

    I am glad you raised the issue of reductions in comments to your posts. You weren’t the first. However, it got me cogitating about the various reasons why in general, it happens. As you see, I have formed some ideas about it. There will be other variations on the themes, all of which will have some relevance.



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