Flippin’ horder! >:XX After all these years, I trusted that he had emptied out his pockets; he always has done.

My dark wash load was covered in a soft coat of red fluff outside and in. The socks were protected by a mini fine mesh laundry bag; that’s something that’s okay anyway.

Hubby has this thing about collecting up serviettes wherever he is. He doesn’t bother with the cheap thin varieties, they are usually the lovely soft thick ones. How was I to know he’d stuffed a white one in the right trouser pocket and a red one in the left.

There’s no wind today to blow any of the fluff off. The next trick will be to find much of the extra pulpy paper all over our bed. >:-[ Hubbie’s pyjamas were in the wash too, as were some of my silky undies.

When the laundry is dry, we’ll have a go at sucking the fluff off with the vacuum cleaner. I am a bit dubious about the level of success in removing the unwanted coating.


0 thoughts on “FLUFFED UP

  1. We have two cats and ah Myrtle buys peel back paper rollers from Β£-land to remove cat hairs from her black trousers, they’re ok for shredded kleenex as well. As we found out when same happened here…..

  2. That’s a good idea.

    Unfortunately, our nearest Poundland is 110 miles each way. There’s nothing similar nearby. I’ll look out for the peel back paper. I’d need a lot of it. There are several garments affected; they’re well coated.

  3. Kill Kill!!! I always check pockets and I am one of the worst culprits with pens and such, especially when I was working the clinical floor in the hospital. Once I sent a lip gloss through the wash with my brand new scrubs.That was a mess and it took a few washings to get it out.

  4. Oh boy….lip gloss; that sounds like a major stain removal job.

    Two things tried out with fluffed up washing;

    Hubby has spent some time at the washing line (it was a good day for hanging out the clothes to dry) with a clothes brush, beating the hell out of the garments, except my silkie undies.

    Trying out tip to give the items a whirl in the tumble drier to take off excess coloured pulp. I’ll probably have to peel the filter.

    Hopefully, hubby will check his pockets in future. No-one does mine but me, and as a mature independent individual, I expect him to do his.


  5. Hubbys always have this awful habit of leaving stuff in their pockets dont they !! it takes me half an hour before the washing gets started to clear all pockets!! πŸ™„ Happy Easter mnehir πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for your Easter wishes Lilian, same to you and your family πŸ™‚

    I think hubby gets the message every now and then, that leaving things in pockets of items that are washable, is not a clever thing to do. He managed to successfully dry out a minor but important piece of electronic equipment on one forgetful occasion. Just as well, it could have been a rather expensive issue otherwise.

  7. That sounds a good tip; hubby will have to glove his hand in extra wide tape – especially as there’s large tracts of cloth to deal with, both sides. :crazy:

  8. Still having three kids, one of which is male (and we know all about *them* don’t we?) I check every pocket before it goes in the machine. I have found paper money like that as well!

  9. :**: They never learn do they.

    Hearing aids, key rings, and only once paper money got laundered.

    Happy days!

    I am hoping the experience of having to whack his garments and brush them, on the line, will instil some memory into hubby’s semi consciousness.

    Maybe I am being too hopeful. 😦

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