I nearly forgot to mention it, more likely I wanted to forget it. Today, I went to have a dental check up with a new dentist. During and after the examination I was totally tongue tied; I couldn’t think of vocabulary. In the end I blurted out that I must going senile. It’s how I felt and I was so cross with myself about it as well. it was not an experience I want to have again in a hurry.

I don’t think it helped that there were several people in the room, at least three women who could not all be dental nurses, one wore a green outfit and looked quite severe. The others became a blurr of white and blue. The dentist was sitting on a chair placed at the head of the patients’ seat. I knew he was the dentist because he wore clinical white clothing.

The eyes were large, a bit bloodshot, and had an expression of impatience. Apart from his hair, hands and body, that is all I saw. It was a bit unnerving. He said something which had to be repeated because of the large, thick, surgical mask he was wearing. Mr dentist had a bad cold and rightly didn’t want to infect anyone else.

I am sure my new Mr dentist’s somewhat alarming presentation and all the unnecessary bodies in the room, really threw me off balance and contributed to my loss of personal expression and the ability to exchange a few ordinary words. 😳 =>

‘******* & *****’ >:-[


0 thoughts on “BODIES IN THE ROOM

  1. I agree. In fact I am kicking myself that I did not ask who these people were and why they were present. Strictly speaking, I should have been advised. There are various breaches here. My permission was not actively sought. Does my silence therefore constitute tacit acceptance. I think not.

    If training observation was involved, there are definite signs of bad practice here. I must keep my wits about me next time, instead of losing them!

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