About 11.30pm on the 7th April, I remembered I had washing outside drying on the line, my second load. It was very, very windy day, though mild, but close to gale force. I prided myself on my prowess getting the washing pegged out on the line. :p

By lunchtime it was really cold. I grabbed the washing off the line – my first load- as quickly as I could, at that point deciding I couldn’t face a cold battering for the second wash that was ready for drying.

At tea time, the wind subsided a little. I timidly put my nose out the door and decided I could risk pinning the second load of laundry on the line. That was why, late at night, I found myself, in the dark, taking washing off the line. The items were cold but dry.

The next morning, when I arose, I saw the rain was falling steadily. The day was best described as one of April showers, some of them pretty heavy. The wind had not gone, but it was less pervasive, and best of all, I had got my second wash load in, in good time.


0 thoughts on “PUTTING MY NOSE OUT

  1. Oh what a shame. I am sorry.

    We’ve benefited from better Westerly weather which has been overcast part of the time, sunny-ish some of it, with a chill edge to the wind. Definitely jacket weather, but it has stayed dry. My washing is on the line at the moment, and should be ready to be hauled in.

  2. A former neighbour would put out her washing and not bring it in sometimes for days. None of this panic-stricken shriek of ‘It’s raining !!’, followed by activity like an air-raid was imminent that we get here. Neighbour’s washing would stay out all week sometimes but I suppose it was only ever brought in when it was dry. Sorted !


  3. I don’t much like ‘air-raid’ reaction. it is so good to get dry weather to save on tumble drying.

    When I lived in the soft South, many people let their stuff be rained upon, dried, so many times, you never sure if they were at home. It may have been a device for keeping out intruders!

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