The news on the grapevine was that a group I belonged to on Blog UK was no longer functioning. I found this out after I had posted yet another of my regular blogs on it.

I fizzed, I was irritated, at the loss of my blog into a misty hole, as this post would have been equally as suitable for my personal blog space. Surely the group moderator could have sent a message to all group members to let us know the end was nigh. It was not a huge group.

There was no point in keeping the group ‘badge’ on my blog, I therefore, went on the hunt to find out how to delete it. For a while I went round in ever decreasing circles. Then I found my post. I’m not sure how, but I did. Sadly, I also saw some other posts that had not been published. Anyway, I copied mine. It took another length of time to find the way to deleting this dead group blog.



0 thoughts on “THE DEATH OF A GROUP BLOG

  1. Actually I agree with you the group moderator should have informed everyone that they were closing the group …I wonder why it closed if they were still members perhaps nobody posted for ages ??

  2. Very few people posted after the first flush of the group’s evolution. There were a core of people who kept blogs going. There were one or two people who posted occasionally from far flung places, who did not blog elsewhere (that is particularly sad). There were a trickle of comments.

    There is only so much originality about weather which was what the blog focussed on; an innocuous subject that probably had no long term future.

  3. Point.1. Yes 🙂 We did know that though, didn’t we.

    Point 2. I replied to a post and was alerted by the blogger. then, yes, I went into the blog, scouted around and found out. Deletion seemed a performance; though less of one when I discovered how to do it.

  4. I was thinking of replying via a PM but, it occurred to me that someone not yet in the know might benefit from knowing.

    It was the ‘Weather’ blog.

  5. You need to delete the blog in your profile area. The message from the moderator, in the bowels of the blog is there will be no more posting and to delete.

    You’re welcome.

  6. That could be it Munzley. See, I have phased it out of my psyche already. there were about 42 members and I deleted my name the other day.

    If the moderator is ‘Skip’, then you have the right one.

  7. Hi Suzee,

    How’s things?

    The deletion and retrieval process was a time-consuming process.

    I do feel sorry for other people whose posts were just sitting. One or two looked as if a lot of effort had been put into them.

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