I am struck by particular domestic issues that have arisen in the media today. Relatively constructive surveillance techniques are likely to have brought two of them to light. Informal filming, together with the ability to use new and traditional media channels, have all been instrumental in bringing about some, not yet complete transparency, to the third case.

A paedophile has been given an indeterminate sentence. This professional man, an accountant living in Wales, has been hoisted by his own petard. Unfortunately, none of the victims of his nefarious activities have been identified. Other forensic techniques have been used to evidence the abuse that occurred. The other victims are his daughter, who apparently provided children by inviting them to the family home as friends; there is no suggestion he abused his daughter; Then, there is his wife and greater family members, who are also victims of what he had done.

Another respectable pillar of the community indicted and sentenced today, was a community doctor, a general practitioner of twenty years standing. Between his computers, the computer he had at home and the system he had in the workplace, he downloaded over ninety thousand indecent images of children. A three years custodial penalty was imposed and he was suspended from his practice. This would, I presume, be the first step to striking him off the medical practitioners’ register. He would be placed on the sex offenders’ register as a matter of course.

The thoughts that go round in my mind about these two, are the commanding, professional positions in society the two men held. Also;
positions of respect;
positions of great responsibility;
positions of trust;
positions requiring client/patient confidentiality;
Data protection.

All these ethics have provided useful and ample cover and shelter for the two men’s indecent degrading and abusive interests.

The third case; Mr Tomlinson’s post mortem now informs us, (though we are told it is not conclusive yet) that internal -abdominal- bleeding was the cause of death, not as originally announced in haste, cardiac failure. In view of the further serious turn of events, involving at ground level, police tactics, behaviour, and dare I say it, economy with the truth, there may yet be another post mortem. Who,(and on what evidence) diagnosed the originally stated cause of death, a heart attack?

The stakes have been raised for all involved. I am so sorry for Mr Tomlinson’s family. They need truth, not prevarication, there has been enough of that. The family also need to peacefully say goodbye to him.



  1. Im glad these awful people have been charged and also going back to the Tomlinson family they will only have peace when the know the truth of what happened..

  2. Yes, these men are out of circulation, one of them, for the time being.

    I really hope the full truth, insofar as it can be pieced together, does come to the fore, for proper justice for Mr Tomlinson and his family.

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