It was too cold to wait outside the bank for hubby so I sat inside and people watched.

He seemed outwardly sober yet there was enough borderline behaviour and noise to make you think otherwise. I’m sure I’ve seen this guy before, in the same place, slightly more inhibited. He’d met up with his brother, brother has come home;( I remembered he did that before). They shared a bottle – presumably the hard stuff, whisky – he wanted to know how much was in his account to draw on. It wouldn’t be much. The teller was careful and asked the guy how much he wanted. Yes, he had enough in the account for that sum. With it he was going to buy a bottle for him and his brother to have with their stew.

“There’s something wrong here, you’re not wearing a wedding ring”. says man to attractive girl working at the next till. She’s too young she tells the guy and gets on with the transactions with her customer. I’ll tell ‘ee what, if I was a bit younger lass, I would grab ‘ee.


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