Survey time again folks!

This time I got a form through P.M’s asking for all my personal details then asking what I would apologize for with an ingenious array of questions.

The survey purports to be from a student at a Vietnamese University who is studying the differences between Anglican and a.n.other religion.

I don’t do cold-canvassed ‘student’ surveys and I do not give out my personal details, however much I am assured all will remain confidential.

These contacts should be treated with great caution, preferably be totally disregarded and deleted. It might be an idea to inform blog UK of the existence of this caller. I consider this to be a phishing exercise unless proved otherwise.



  1. Do you think wit will be understood? Remember, you are supposed to be thinking about what you will apologise for.
    Cheeky sod……..excuse my vernacular. (oh, that’s a form of apology isn’t it).

  2. The questions are ridiculous aren’t they. At the same time, the inference at the outset that you feel you have something to apologize for, is offensive. Cheeky sod. Not only does s/he, they, want your personal details, a variety of apologies are required from the donor in the process.

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