If anyone is having a wine party, a drinks tasting or anything else that is wine-based, (everyone welcome, even middle classes to mine)remember to choose your time of day and type of day. Today is a root day, it is advisable to avoid a root day. For the best effects from your favourite and possibly unknown tipples, you want to sip on a fruit day.

Large stores, are said to be taking note of nature’s guidance and they arrange their wine-tastings at the optimum times on a fruit day. If they can do it, so can we.


Source: PM. Radio 4 April 18th 2009.


0 thoughts on “ROOTING TO BE FRUITY.

  1. What on earth … ??

    Is this a manifestation of biodynamics ?

    Or someone inventing a reputation for themselves ?

    Or just plain balderdash ?

    Please explain.



  2. Could be biodynamics…it sounds like a good description.

    Invention; there was the mention of a German farmer, I got interrupted at that juncture. You could ‘listen again’ to the feature.

    Balderdash? I couldn’t possibly comment.

    The best explanation may be sought if you hear the discussion and form your own opinions.

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