It’s been a day, so far, of sorting through visual history and memorabilia. I have been on a journey from about 1600 years B.C. and I am up to 390 A.D.

It keeps me out of the heavy downpours of rain we are enjoying here at home. Where is this lovely weather glowing, that I keep hearing about via the UK forecasts. A whizz back to the past should sort out the anomaly, I expect I’ll find a pleasant climate somewhere, perhaps in B.C. or even, in early A.D.



  1. It is warmer some days than usual. But in Indiana the one thing you know for sure about weather is if you wait a minute it will change LOL of course the sun is playing oeek a boo to day

  2. Hope you had a good break menhir are you actually studying the climate from AD or BC that must be quite interesting to take on we are supposed to be having a great summer at last …

  3. Study the climate…… sorry, I just live in hopes, oh, and maybe a little bit of fantasy about what climate was like at those ancient points.

    Thanks for asking about the break. The break was good, the weather variable, temperatures required warm outerwear some days or layers to strip off on others. My expertise in knotting sleeves at waist became second to none!

    I didn’t go away for weather but I kind of hoped that when I returned, there would be some nice stuff hanging around home. Not so. Your soft Southern forecasts don’t apply here in the far North.

  4. :)) :))
    I have to ask, did it ever stop raining, even during a few hundred years? This morning mother nature was no gentler for it being May, we had really heavy downpours (more than showers) and continuing nor-to-nor-westerly gusts, just to make it feel really chilly. This afternoon was much better, though still cold.

    Our neolithic times were probably similar to your Bronze age, and our BA was likely as not, to have been okay too.

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