These pictures were taken especially with my friend Mr Flighty in mind.


There is a certain elegance of line in the engineering.

P1000007 copy

And the last one, below, though not an engine, the engineering was, I think, very clever, and this space could be interpreted as a designer hangar.

P1000008 copy


0 thoughts on “ELEGANCE AND DESIGN

  1. That’s kind of you to think of me like that! I see that’s a BAe146 in the first two photos.
    Modern techniques certainly make for some terrific looking buildings.
    I like simple, elegant design in all things! Take care. xx

  2. My goodness, I had no idea you would be able to identify the engine type and model number! Now I know. 🙂

    The ‘hangar’ was an airport air side waiting lounge. The shape and ribbing also reminded me of an upturned boat. From the upside, it would have had the form of an elegant plane, I think. I was quite taken with it, especially from the long perspective view.

    TTFN xx

  3. I just looked at the website link you gave me. They’re certainly the same type engine, I think, the angle, however, was different.

    This was one airport satellite building you couldn’t fail to observe, unless you were used to it through constant use, not interested in form and style, or, rushing through. I guess all the other air side waiting areas here, would have been similar. The land side stuff was tubular, provided the occasional W.C. facility and little else. There was no doubt about where you should go and needed to move into.

    The picture is of the top floor. Down below, along the length of the unit, were retail opportunities and a couple of eating places, one being a bar with inconsequential snacks.

    I have to say, that for a place where people may have to spend hours while connecting with transit facilities, there was little to occupy you. The floor was quite good for stretching out on, at the far end. Schipol is far better, as far as interest goes.

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