Why do people have to make contact when they’ve only got bad news to talk about.

So, their car, mostly parked up during the week, had to have three new engines in a short space of time, therefore, compensation paid out for one month’s inconvenience and some paintwork scratches are to be dealt with. Car is two years old. I tried to sound suitably concerned. “Isn’t that really frustrating and annoying”,I said.

Caller’s niece not happy with her clerical job; she’s been doing it just over a year. Has been given lots of trust and responsibility and been sent on training courses. Another “Oh dear”, from me.

Caller’s brother has taken early retirement, a couple of weeks ago, rather than wait for foreclosure of his company. He hasn’t been signing on long enough to qualify for a government training course. Meantime, he’s decorating the house “Hmm…I see,” I said.

Truly sad, the caller’s sister had a bereavement. It wasn’t unexpected but these matters are never easy. I was really sorry.

Next, a broken toe, after falling downstairs. I was truly sorry about that too.

Thumb operations on a mutual relative need re-doing – as if one go at them isn’t enough – I am unhappy to hear this. Chest complaint no better. It’s not likely to get better, it’s chronic, so, I am also really very sorry about that.

As an afterthought, I am asked, “Have you been doing anything nice?”




  1. I agree. I feel the download could have come a bit differently, like at a later stage in the chat. I wasn’t at my most communicative, and even less so with that lot.

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