I have been hustled and bustled at storm force levels today. Tonight, I am all done in. I feel really battered. A gorgeous sunny day, absolutely devastated by gales rising to storm force 10. There were more risings to storm level than were good for me.

Early start with jobs around the house.
Dentist at 10.30 – twenty miles away; careful driving required.
Grocery shopping from 11am – not too far to walk into the store, (be unsteadily pushed) from car park.
Trip into the local town from 11.40am – parked close to shops needed.
Got battered by winds, while waiting to cross road.
Drove to county hospital to visit someone. Wards hot from sun; patient didn’t realize extent and power of the wind, being safely out of it.
Just leaving; shocked to learn a closer friend was also on the ward with a serious illness. Dived in to see her. Felt bad about leaving after ten minutes.

I had twenty minutes to drive twenty miles on a varied speed limit road. Storm gusts constantly hit the car, side on, mostly, and the drive became a game of skill and steering wheel grip.

Now I look back on the day, it started like a whirlwind here indoors, with me rushing to get essential things done.

Time to slow down.


0 thoughts on “ALL DONE IN

  1. I felt like that last night, just so tired. I was going to sit outside with the moon but instead I chose to sit down in my bed, talk to my son and go to sleep.

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