There is so much stuff of a particular kind being focussed on in this country, naval gazing, you might call it, that anything else in the world is either neglected or, as far as the media goes, just does not exist, at least, not for the benefit of their bottom line.

We have all got sucked into this whirlpool of salacious gossip and the distinctly unhealthy role modelling of our public representatives. But, one person is getting a great deal out of it, the owner of the Daily Telegraph, as sales will no doubt rocket to feed our whetted appetites for muck raking. The Editor is doing very nicely too, what with all the media interviewing time he is getting.

As I commented elsewhere;

a) In view of the dreadful embezzlement that goes on in the power structures of other lands, further impoverishing already impoverished populations;

b) The disgusting and offensive behaviour of Berlusconi, (Italy’s President,who owns and controls most of the Italian media), remember he who said the homeless from the recent earthquake will be in holiday camps (tent cities), talks of touching up women, abuses his position of power with women and states that there are too many beautiful Italian women to be able to police rape;

d) I think on balance, I prefer to have our mundane British porcine breeds at the trough.

That said, I for one, should like to hear more about what else is going on in the world, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sad to say, it won’t sell half as many newspapers, polemic does. :**:



  1. Snap – at least that’s what it would be if we were playing cards; (nice happy pictures ones at least!)

    I haven’t dispensed my pennies on newsprint, either.

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