He said he’d forgotten his glasses but would try to write a form. His lense strength was about three. I had some unused specs which were 2.5. He thought that would do. Yes, he could see in those, and he got on with the form-filling. How the hell could he see anything through those lenses, I found them all smudgy!!? – Dunno – he said. They need a ruddy good clean, I mumbled. I closely peered at them, prepared to scrub the glasses. Guess what, they they still had their plastic protective layer covering them. Even though he saw me peel off the plastic, he still reckoned he could see alright with them the way they were. :crazy:


0 thoughts on “FUNNY SIGHT

  1. I actually had that problem with my new mobile phone said to son-in-law the phone looked scruffy in fact it had a film over it it was well stuck on so I thought it was supposed to be there silly me !:))

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