It hasn’t, not again! A hard bit of something caught in my lower gum. It was what I thought it was, a bit of plastic compound tooth filling, like I have seen three times before, since last Autumn. Each time it’s meant a long-lasting and uncomfortable anaesthetic injection and a forty miles round trip. My tongue confirmed I have a jagged gap at root level, front facing, on upper tooth. I am soooo fed up with this. Blast….. a pox on them all.

The dental receptionist said she would speak to my dentist and call me back.

While I was putting the world to rights, in a coffee shop, with a friend, who was giving me a helping hand, the dental practice calls.

“It’s not hurting just now is it?” – “no and I don’t want it to get to that stage either,” I say.

“If it does, you can call us sooner” – I silently query, sooner than what?

“Your appointment will be the 17th JULY“. Horrified – today is the 13th May, 2009 – I blurt out, “pardon!” – she repeats the offending date. – “No”, I say decisively, “In that case, I will request an emergency appointment.” – Receptionist, “I’ll call you back.”

Friend, who had been warned that I was expecting a call, hadn’t banked on this ‘entertainment’ and was looking bemused.

The phone summons me – dental receptionist says “can you come in on Friday at” – “Yes, that’s fine, I’ll do that.” 15th May, two days’ time, that’s better.

Friend says, “It’s surprising what they can do when people are firm about it.”


0 thoughts on “BLAST……A POX ON THEM ALL!!

  1. Can you credit it Isadora; at the moment I have a clean, uninfected ‘hole’, and I am to wait till it becomes a problem….. what kind of infection prevention and dental health care is that!

    I shouldn’t have to be assertive; the next assertion will be me not paying for faulty fillings, (yet again).


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