“There’s two ways to deal with this”, said the dentist. “It can be left, it won’t come to any harm, or it can be filled.” It sounded like I had to make a major final decision and take full responsibility for my actions. It was an odd choice.

Who would want to live with a hole in a tooth, exposing the roots. Okay, people who don’t tolerate dentists (I’ll soon get that way, since this is the fourth replacement filling!) people who just don’t get their teeth sorted; people who have false teeth.

“I’ll just blow a bit of air into this” he smoothly says. I do a back flip up to the ceiling. I don’t think there is any further question about what needs to be done.

He holds the door open for me to leave, and says, “Let’s keep fingers crossed that this one works.” 8| My numbed one-sided reply is in the definite affirmative.



  1. Too right!

    Dentist was nice to me today, though following an anaesthetic jab up the face, he had every reason to be.

    This wasn’t my first introduction to him, however, last time which was the first one, he was heavily masked – he had a bad cold – was gowned up, and there were an excess of people in the room all gowned and masked (different coloured robes) looking for all the world like some rites group. It was all rather off-putting, what with all the inane questions being rattled off and the advice given was of immense irritation, as I had heard it one million times, minimum, before.

    May be we are now getting on to a better footing (or should that be teeth-in?).

  2. Thanks PD.

    I held off cleaning teeth last night, just as an ‘in case’. Honestly, when you have take such go-lightly precautions with the artistry of dentistry, I do begin to wonder what the materials are like that are being used and I also query the skills. Who wouldn’t.

    How are your eyes doing?

  3. It left me stressed out. The sight of all those people garbed as they were, was not comforting or helpful in any way whatsoever.

    I did check how many people were going to be in the surgery, with the young dental nurse who collected me from the waiting room this time.

    There is an ethical point here which was not followed through as it should have been, on the previous occasion. I didn’t want to create, I felt sympathetic for the dentist, though even that evaporated.

  4. Yes, one does wonder – I hear so many reports of fillings falling out.

    My eyes are much less light sensitive now – they seem to have recovered from all the drops that were put in. I still have the blind spots though.

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