There I was going through a carton of old papers all weekend. I thought this was going to be a relatively quick sort out. The best laid plans….and all that.

The fragile pieces had to be digitally copied for preservation of the record; there were so many of those. Tied up in a white plastic food bag, I found an absolute treasure trove of family history I did not know I possessed. I felt quietly excited. I touched these papers with reverence. Perhaps, I might feel some of the past that was not part of my living life, within them.

Many of the documents were written in a language of which I had no real knowledge, not enough to understand the true meaning of my discovery. By seeking advice through the internet, I obtained some really interesting information which has given context to the documents and brought their meaning alive. I marvel that people the world over, are so willing to share their knowledge.

The sort out continues; I am though, nearly at the bottom of the box. This does not mean that I have completed the task as, a quick look through a batch of varied papers,cards,photos etc. tells me I have still a lot of hours of painstaking ‘preservation’ ahead of me.



  1. Hi Isadora,

    ‘Pleasurable’ not sure. I have mixed emotions, some are very sad. Maybe when the task is done I will be able to stand back and think more objectively.

    Oh please, do get your old photos out. It is worthwhile checking on their stability, they can and do deteriorate. I am placing the really old items and photos, where I can, into acid-free covers. The ones I have, don’t quite fit A4, which is a pain. Digitising the pics is an interesting element of what I am doing, some are so small but fine, I can bring them up a bit. Others are wartime and post-war contact prints, not a lot I can do with those, other than preserve their existence. Other pictures would have been taken with the old ‘plates’ and they can easily be digitised the way they are, if a reasonable size, but, the beauty of those sort of pictures is, they can be enlarged quite a bit without distortion, if you want bigger pictures.

  2. Thanks Tylluan,

    It is a plod. I put an enormous amount of effort into sorting out sprong’s stuff, almost there.

    I have put twice the effort and emotion into this ‘trove’ and the energy levels are waning a little. I have placed the box on my desk to make sure I cannot avoid completing the task. :**:

  3. Hi Jake,

    That’s what I am trying to do. Great minds think alike:)

    I am finding the task a little daunting as it does take a long time. So far, I have given priority to fragile papers, old documents, specific paperwork and photos. Every time I think I have come to the goalpost, it moves!

    Plodding on……………

  4. Hello,

    It is exciting, though at this very moment, the excitement is a bit muted. All the items tell stories, many of which are too close for comfort still. That which is missing that which I do not have, tells another story.

  5. It is always time to do things like that. I wish I had thought of doing it sooner, but………….

    Now I have started, I can do a few at a time of my own ones, rather than run the marathon of sorting, archiving and over-thinking, that I have been doing with what I found.

    A few years ago, I got a friend to copy negatives I had. I have looked at the CD. They’re all PSD’s however, I can create Jpegs from them. For some reason I have to take the pictures into MS picture editor or Word to save them, before I can save them through my digi pix programme. I must find out if there is a way round that. The programme keeps telling me I don’t have permission to do it!!!!!!!!

    Believe it or not Isadora, I have been sorting through the things I have, belonging to sprog, so far there is one full 16.ltr box and another, the same size, nearly full. Sprog can annotate own stuff…I draw the line at that, apart from very, very young ages where I wouldn’t expect total recall! 🙂

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