I have been through the findings (see post on treasure trove) and have found a few more items. It has been an emotional roller coaster and left me with many, many questions I want to ask, and there is no-one to ask who could answer them. The excitement has waned into fact and reality.

It is an exercise as much about what I have, and even more, about what is missing. It saddens me that I shall not be able to piece together much of that. I do have a little more information somewhere, which I shall have to locate and tidy up, to put with the fragmented story I have so far put together.

One day, sometime in the future, someone will uncover the treasure trove again. When that happens, there will be at least two more archives to join it. I have been thinking about this. I shall not be here. It is difficult to know what questions need to be answered for future generations.



  1. Well, future generations will have you to thank for there being a treasure trove at all – you preserved it. And yes, I understand what you mean about it being an emotional roller coaster… such findings often are.

    In my own past there are huge chunks where I would just love to be able to go back in time and ask the people concerned a couple of questions. But I can’t, so all I can do is my best.

    But I’m sure future generations will acknowledge the debt they owe you. 🙂

  2. Thanks Tylluan, I appreciate your thoughts on this one, very much.

    It’s funny isn’t it, I could think similarly, yet I could not allow myself to do so. It was one hop too far, I suppose. In the final analysis, the preservation for the future generations – hopefully they’ll be interested enough – is, what it started out being all about.

  3. I can imagine that. It must be the same kind of limbo, a sort of emotional confusion.

    Most of my questions relate to realisations that somehow never came when there was someone to ask. Some realisations, would never have become, if I hadn’t started to look at, and sort out what was given to me.

    I decided not to dig too deep in family history on one part – a relative was already busy with it for the other – because I knew I would get either stuck, or have difficulty obtaining the kind of information I would want. There was something I did try to research and someone in another country kindly assisted all he could. He advised me where the hurdles were likely to arise…and they did.

    Genealogy that does not drop into many centuries past, can be a personally hard thing to follow through. I guess I saw that in one or two of the programmes I saw on TV. There were quite painful issues for the central character.

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