How would I like my personal phone number on a bereavement site, listed as a cemetery, when it is not?

I rang a number and the poor woman at the other end could only say;
“But this is my number…”
“You’re not a cemetery then?” I lamely asked.
-“This is my number” she reiterated.
“So, it is wrong, and you’re not a cemetery?” – “No”, she replied very patiently, -“This is my number“.
“Oh dear” – I said, “someone should let the bereavement website know“.

Doing my good deed I filled in a feed back form.

question – was this site helpful to you –
answer – no the….cemetery number is incorrect, please review.

The ruddy website would not connect to anything and my message never went anywhere. Absolutely no use.

Not for want of trying, the lady with the misquoted number will get more calls for the cemetery.



0 thoughts on “IS THIS A DEAD END?

  1. I thought so, which is why I tried to do something about the misquoted number.

    Then again, one number given as a cemetery led me to an answering service that sounded as if it might be an employment agency or an H.R. office!!

  2. Poor woman. She’s going to get really tired of those calls. Why is it so easy to get people signed up for things but never to fix something when it’s wrong?

  3. I understand what you mean, however, It is obvious the woman didn’t get signed up as far as I can tell,(has that got a different meaning where you are?) It has been a mistake, a misquote or a typo, or, maybe the number changed and she was the unlucky soul who got the short straw…there are any number of possibilities.

    Whatever, it is not going to be straightforward to sort it if contact cannot be made with the site organisers. I wonder though, how many people will search in the way I did and get that website. With luck, not too many.

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