Instant chat can be so frustrating when it becomes a conversation with huge gaps. You sit at the vdu like a pudding, fingers poised to ripple out your pearls of thought………………then nothing happens. Doh!

As you decide to close down, you might just get some titillating life out the link, only be dumped again into the abyss of non-communication. It is just toooooooooooo frustrating.



0 thoughts on “TITILLATING CHAT

  1. I often find that when the conversation starts getting gaps, it is because someone else has come online and the person is having two, unrelated, conversations.

  2. Indeed, and it’s called multi-tasking…impolite I call it as more interest is being shown elsewhere, and you are left like a gooseberry, just standing by.

    I have now decided that I shall click out and off in future. At least a wee comment, like, ‘can you hold on a minute’ or, ‘ must go’ etc would be better than being left dangling.

    You know, PD I was and am, mightily pissed off. Then a bit later when the chat got underway, up came the big one, and I wondered if there had been a work up to it. On reflection though, I think not, even with the issue that arose when we did chat. I still think there were multiple activities on the go.

  3. If I get in that situation, I type BRB (be right back) which shows I am still interested in my conversation but that something has come up. Perhaps the phone has rung or something. If it happened in real life, they wouldn’t be so rude, would they

  4. Most people wouldn’t be so rude, you’re right. When it’s family they think they can override conventions of politeness and consideration at times.

    I like your BRB…:)

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