The juvenile “You made me do it”, we often come across in our domestic lives, and more recently in the public domain. In certain prescribed circumstances you would consider family, peer and gang pressure or unstable mind.

Then, someone says, together with a lot of other blaming and likely barbed statements, “you made me [self harm]” …………………………

How would you handle that?


0 thoughts on “YOU MADE ME DO IT

  1. There would have been a time when I would have been really hurt by such a comment. I would have taken it to heart and agonised over it.

    Now, being a tad wiser, my reply has to be ‘Nobody held your head under the tap.’

    At the end of the day, why do some people survive horrible experiences and come out stronger, wiser,etc while others find slights and aggravation in the daily doings of life and feel the need to blame everyone for their current situation other than themselves?
    I’ve no idea…:roll:

  2. Hello Tylluan,

    What a great response. It is the line I took in different words, but the sentiment was the same.

    A young person was faced with this accusation by someone who has tended to compete with with her -it’s one way competition-and the recipient of this offensive, as you would expect, was deeply hurt. Her logical thinking mind told her it could not be so, but she need the assurance of a third party to confirm that, as you say, …”nobody held [her] head under the tap”. Then, it needed to be talked through. It’s a horrid, dishonest, displaced thing to do.

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