This week has been momentous; no I am not talking expenses, it has been momentous for females of the species, depending on your point of view, of course.

It is official. Men will no long be able to reproduce, the Y chromosome will disappear. Please Mr men, don’t get too anxious; you’ve got a little while to sort yourselves. The evolution of this phenomenon will take about five million more years, it’s not like it’s tomorrow, is it.

On the other hand, we are told, we could become like certain mice that can reproduce spontaneously. I mourn the future loss of pheromones.

GFI has broadcast for the last time. The BBC is saving money by cutting the one and only children’s programme they have had scheduled, Go For It! How petty. I can think of other programmes that could be cut, especially the cheap and nasty variety that take up space and do nothing else. It looks like a case of how the bulging pockets protect their bulges.



  1. Very true. (about the BBC, I mean ;))

    As for the Y chromosome… how do they know these things? THey don’t. They guess. I asked Mr Penry and he thought I was talking about Y fronts….and then he just ‘harrumphed’ and said ‘I’m not worrying….’

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