Why on earth do large hardware stores exist, where you cannot find a basic hardware product, where, if you do, you cannot buy the actual number of something that you want, instead of metrically packed plastic bags. :##

Store assistants; you might be lucky to find someone pleasant, if not competent, or you find someone who is totally gormless. More likely, you won’t find anyone. Then, if you do find an assistant, to add insult to injury, you, the customer, end up not only asking the store assistant for the precise product, but, have to describe what it looks like and educate them as to how the product is used. :**:

One large chain for ‘homes’ has found a novel way to get their store staff working with some urgency. If the customer’s bell call is not answered with two minutes, and the timer switched off in that time, the customer just about gets the goods for free. I can only guess what the knock on effect is, for the store assistant.



0 thoughts on “WAKE UP CALL

  1. I left him be to do that chore.

    We went off to an old fashioned farmer’s, builders and hardware yard/store. Himself got exactly what he wanted there; in the quantity desired and with the assistance of someone knowledgeable.

  2. I have heard work experience students telling me they have been sent to departments at their work experience placement to ask for ‘a long stand’
    Consequently, they are left standing…for a very long time!

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