Under a re-branding exercise, familiar business names will disappear. It is interesting that they will all be financial business names. I wonder if the corporate re-branding is meant to dupe us into feeling more secure, more trusting. I hear you hrrrumph! And so should you. The names that will disappear are;

Alliance and Leicester;
Abbey (which was Abbey National, so it has metamorphosed once already),
Bradford & Bingley.

From now on we will be able to fantasise we are in some Spanish high streets. The familiar names will all become Banco Santander.

This is interesting for another rather more pertinent reason. I believe, that at present, anyone with monies in these three institutions are protected up to 50k of losses, in each one, because they are licensed separately in the U.K, in the names that currently exist. will the corporate changeover mean that the financial protection limit of 50k per institution, will change too?


0 thoughts on “FLAMING BRANDING!

  1. All I know is that in any branch of the Abbey I now queue for longer, the tranactions at the counter take longer and I invariably get more problems. I’m sure that a change of name won’t improve customer service in the least! xx

  2. This is a similar crie de coeur with Alliance and Leicester. We don’t have an Abbey in reach, that would be one of a type too many, in the circumstances.

    I had cause to call Abbey recently; the performance was really awful. There is no doubt, that what systems they have, are constructed to suit their administration and not offer smooth customer service.

    The other thing to watch for, will be that while the individual brands had different offerings, some a little better than Santander’s own name brand, there is every likelihood that will change in the corporate dressing of the three institutions. The variety of accounts or benefits (such as they are) will be streamlined.


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