Six weeks ago, I decided I was going to put my usual hairdresser on ‘probation’.

She loves a good yarn, so much so, that while the chat is going on, her combs and brushes wave about in the air,in her teeth, also, her body sways, (you wait to see if she will burst into Flamenco)and she moves here and there. All the while, the head beneath her waving arms and hands, stays in limbo, nothing being done.

I sat for ten minutes into my appointment time last visit, watching this performance, then asked if my hair would be finished within an allotted, not unreasonable, extended time. (I had an appointment to get to). 20 minutes late she started my hair. I was out 3.5 hours later, and the finished style was not as polished as it should have been. Her response was to attempt to make me the culprit!

Today, I heard her say sotto voce, to the same customer she was intermittently hairdressing as last time, “I’d better speed up”. She was 10 minutes late starting my hair today.

In-between times, the hairdresser returned to the first customer; more gossip shared, more delays in her work. Taking her payment and making a another appointment took a further 15 minutes! The nattering was still ongoing as the hairdresser walked over to me. She had no need to check if anything else was needed for me, she knew I’d been left excess time – again.

In at 12.30pm and out at 3.10pm is still unacceptable. My hair was finished off properly today. My next appointment with the hairdresser is the first one of the day, and, if that fails to create an improvement in timekeeping, I shall go elsewhere.



  1. I would not tolerate this. My colorist can do long hair in an hour and it’s perfect. My cutter who is super picky, the one I’m going back to now that my hair was ruined, is slow but is done in an hour at the worst.

  2. In a small area like the one I live in, you have to learn (frustratingly) to let people hang themselves by their own petards. Our local hairdressers do not have great talents though there is another salon I can use if I do give up on this one.

    we don’t have separate colourists, cutters etc here, in this tiny place. The individual you choose to do your hair, is a genericist. You do get that separate expertise in large cities, as well as the generic all-doing hairdresser in the smaller stores. Therefore, it is necessary to locate someone who meets whatever level of expertise you want and hope you can find. This hairdresser is good with colour, is not bad with cutting, though I do use someone else, now.

    This woman is stuck in older styles styling and I end up advising her how to do what I can do, that I have observed others doing, when I have visited salons in the cities. It’s the usual story; we are so remote, it is expensive and highly time consuming to go off to update and train in new techniques. I therefore tolerate what I would not tolerate anywhere else, I do assure you. :**:

  3. That’s worth a thought, if I stay with her. Good idea PD. It’s grim when choices are limited.

    As it is, I am trying out the first appointment of the day next time. I expect to be out nearer 2 hours, not nearly three, or more than three hours. I shall also avoid being behind the woman she has her in her gossip column!

  4. Most of our salons do both color and cut and aren’t specialized. This last salon is pretty upscale but they did the same thing to both mine and my sons hair. We both have thick soft curls and they left all the volume on the bottom so it sticks out when I dry it or when I let it dry naturally, which is, with a good cut, what I like to do. I have had words with stylists before about old lady hair but there seems to be only one salon that can get it right and I’m going back there never again to leave. There seem to be some many more bad stylists than good. why is that?

  5. Too many kids come out ‘qualified’ hairdressers, don’t get trained on the job sufficiently well, or at all, continuing development takes time effort and money, more of each if you are not near a centre, and then there’s the little question of natural aptitude.

    I just heard this afternoon, my alternative hairdresser will be moving her skills to a place a little further inland. I will have to mark out a trail. It would be a nuisance in winter as the roads can be very slippy in that direction.

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