How I hate the blog posts on a black background with funny colours of lettering, spinning top gizmos and layouts. I can barely stop blinking and then there are the warnings of headaches starting, when I see them.

It goes without saying that the blog posts in/on black usually look as if they might be quite interesting, some possibly, even dynamic. I never get past the first two lines of reading, with great effort and restraint on my part. Do I have to find some special spectacles that will ease the colour strain, something to help me read these abnormally coloured deliveries?

What’s the matter with visual clarity?



  1. It’s good to hear others feel the same.

    There are so many over-decorated postings in which it is difficult to find the post, can be slow to download as well, then you get those blackened things – ugh.

  2. I am getting to the point where I am thinking of ignoring the over-coloured, over-dressed, over darkened posts, bypassing them, etc. They are uncomfortable and impossible to negotiate.

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