Early this morning, very early I mean, there was hardly a stir in the leaves on the sun drenched branches. By the wind was very busy and now it is a very sunny late afternoon, the wind is growling into really fierce levels.

I spent most of the time on our amble out in town, this afternoon, trying to keep decent, keep my skirt below my thigh line. In the end I bunched the skirt and and kept it bunched in place with my bag

All my washing is dry. One lot is in and folded, the rest will be following suit shortly. So, utility supplier, do not tell me how to suck eggs with your next communication. :>> I KNOW IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO DO WASHING WHEN THE WEATHER IS GREAT, SO IT CAN DRY OUTSIDE. grrrrrrr. Perhaps, you would be so kind, utility people, to contact mother nature and any other great one, to request equable temperatures for more than two days, where I live, kind breezes, some warmth and dry weather for a period of time, say, a season.



  1. I can’t imagine what I would have done in that situation. I cannot dry my laundry outside because I have asthma. I will dry some things but bedding and my clothing cannot go outside because of pollens.

  2. Some people don’t have access to outside drying at all. That’s another reason I was fizzing. Stupid, stupid, note to include with the bill.

    The other aspect to this fuel saving agenda is that some people cannot afford to insulate big, old, large properties, nor pay the large sum associated with changing heating systems to recommended boiler types. As for wood burning stoves……..No thank you. Many a well meaning gesture has been made with heavy unintended consequences.

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