I haven’t watched one single programme of Britain’s Got Talent. I haven’t watched similar programmes for years. I tired of the manipulations, the histrionics of judges, the vagaries of public voting undermined by judges, and the tearing to pieces of individuals for public entertainment value. It’s no better than bear baiting.

Today, I heard the respected reporter, Kate Adi raise two valuable points, which for her, arose out of the talent competition and its outcome. I am posting about them as I think they are extremely important.

First; Susan Boyle, (who I have only heard sing half a phrase via news programmes) has been hyped and pounded by the media. Her retention of her very ordinariness has raised Susan Boyle’s profile. She has already achieved international acclaim. Even I was emailed about her by people from the Middle East.

What many of us did not know, is that Susan Boyle has learning difficulties. As Kate Adi said, the media have shied away from it. Knowing this now, makes Susan’s feat even more remarkable. This lady will have further acclaim, I am sure, but she deserves to be nurtured and supported by someone sympathetic to her and her needs. There is every danger she and her talent could be taken advantage of.

The winners of the competition were “A BNP nightmare“, all ethnic groups and shades of colour, Adi, announced, gleefully. This sums up where some parts of society will be socially and politically going, if they choose to ignore what is known about the BNP racist policies, and vote for them.

And on the sidelines, Simon Scharma announced, that,like the rainbow coloured winners of the contest, who hail from Dagenham in Essex, he was also an Essex boy. So, we can surmise from this, that not only has Britain got talent, lots of it comes from ethnically mixed multi-coloured Dagenham. The BNP would want to deprive us of it, repeating the ethnic cleansing policies and activities of the 3rd Reich. “When will [we] ever learn, when…?”


0 thoughts on “BRITAIN’S TALENTS

  1. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for calling by and for your comment.

    We need an awful lot more people to say the same as you or I to ensure the BNP have minimal impact – preferably none – in these changing times.

  2. I agree with your observations about the manipulative nature of the talent shows and share your disgust. However, bringing in the “Third Reich” is a bit too dramatic – as if it is the epitome of racism. Just look around.

  3. Hi Lichtenburger,

    Thanks for calling in.

    I do not fully agree with your observations, the Third Reich were the epitome of racism; their horrendous example is being built upon in disgusting forms today too, by other groups who hold similar beliefs. I keenly observe, and not just on my own home turf.

    The fact that the BBC reporter, Kate Adi, felt able to express her views on racism and also her feelings about those that present themselves as respectable representatives of the people, who are, in my view, rabidly racist, was a truly valid observation. A multi-ethnic, multi-racial group, who were widely voted as ‘the best’, who will now be in the limelight for a lengthy period of time, will not please groups who hold racist views. Therein lies a further parallel with the Third Reich. Let’s hope we have learned something from those recent historical experiences.

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