Umbrella blew inside out in a force 8 gust that suddenly blew up, and the double hinges twisted.

Said a half goodbye to a friend who is moving hundreds of miles. Arranged to meet once more, to say last, full goodbye. Received email shortly after, she couldn’t remember the day we are meeting.

Left café without paying for scone and coffee. Remembered and returned later. Café staff weren’t in the least bit phased.


Arrived in hotel bar shivering with cold and rain. Where has Summer gone? Nattered animatedly over hot drinks. From the corner of my eye, saw senior waitress throwing dirty looks in our direction. I wonder if companion noticed too. We can be perverse enough to challenge. Realised bar was filling up and the sniff of fish and chips was strong. Eventually realised we should have been long gone.

It was really warm and comfortable and peaceful, out of the madding noise of media. It’ll be another couple or three months before we meet up again I expect.


0 thoughts on “PHASED – NEVER!

  1. It turned out that way, and was much needed. Funnily enough, P, it was not planned out in advance, it happened. That’s always good in my book.

    Mind you, things that needed doing, did not get done! 🙂

  2. Aah Bearcub, this is not a busy anonymous area of London. Not only do the staff know my name, they would know I would be calling in from time to time.

    Many years ago, I did the same thing, in the same place, only that time, I did not remember for several days. When I did, feeling absolutely mortified, I slunk in, with many abject apologies. “Oh no worries, we’ve got your bill here”.

    In London, that sort of thing rarely happens as things are settled up before you move on, or there are security tags attached to items. There has been an occasion when I almost left some premises, but I remembered and turned back.

    It seems my conscience is well developed. 😉

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