Maybe because I am scouting around blog UK a bit more than usual, I am seeing an awful lot of commercial posts. There are people who sell; they sell space and time; there are people who sell appliances; sell your granny if they could. Some such posts are likely to contain malicious links to trojans, spyware and suchlike.

Blog sites are obviously becoming fair game for online advertising by individuals and sales outlets for others. They don’t require a paid up subscription like the major business sites online and the cyber market places. There are too many to ‘police’. They are going to clog up the blog waves, these sales hounds are going to be another kind of nuisance with their spam. Some are going to cause unsuspecting bloggers a great deal of angst.



  1. Much of these things come on during your night when I come on to catch up. The administration is not awake to remove them so it’s great timing. Sometimes there are so many I can’t get through them to browse new blogs.

  2. Heavens! I’ve seen a few each time I browse. I have sent the links to Blog to remove them, but as you say, there are just too many.

    Our night time, of course, is your wake up call over the pond, so, yes, as you say, great timing.

  3. Yes, I’ve noticed this. Also a whole sequence of porn posts or posts in a foreign language come through a load at a time. The menace for me is that it becomes so hard to find posts to read – the directory is too time-consuming and the featured blogs and community page rarely change.

  4. :)) :)) Will we ever know?

    Tell you what Tylluan, if a sales pitch blog does become a featured blog, let as many people know as possible, and we can all deluge blog with with a bombardment of indignation, ire, or good old plain information.

  5. No, you were not being picky. I would say you were being perceptive. Blog has said they don’t want these sales pitches but can only deal with them when informed by email. The problem is, it is informing on a one-by-one basis. Tedious to say the least, unless everyone on blog picks up on them.

  6. The ‘foreign language’ posts are an odd feature, I saw several yesterday, looking kind of Latin-language based (Esperanto perhaps?)who can tell what they are.

    You are absolutely right about the interference with scanning quickly for genuine blogs. Yes, the directory is too time-consuming, it is a clumsy uncatalogued archive. I, for one have no interest in seeking in any archive, when doing a bit of spontaneous blogging.

    The previous layout – about 2 years ago – for new blogs was much more manageable. I wonder how that web page design would work now, with all the unwanted and unweildy clutter we get. It would be easier, I think, to see inappropriate posts and enough people in the know, could report more of them.

  7. I know… it leaves us disarmed and irritated. It’s even worse when they plague P.M’s and more recently, by tags and search words, very old (my archived) posts!

    If anyone has any brilliant ideas about dealing with this nuisance, I do hope they will be openly shared.


  8. I think there should be a rule enforced by the BCUK that all non English posting MUST include an effective translation. This is, after all, intended as a blog community, so it should stick to a common language.

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