There’s an avalanche of other language blogs coming through our blog community. Is this a sign of a global blog progamming glitch, or a deliberate policy to widen the filter gates. While I am aware that there are ethnic groups in all countries who may have their blog arrangements in the country they reside, I think there is something else afoot here. The blogs I have seen today, are without linguistic diversity.

It is just possible, I suppose, that some bloggers from abroad have joined other blog countries sites, in the way other English speaking bloggers join in with say, Canada or America, Australia, New Zealand or the UK. The Spanish bloggers have a large world of Spanish-speaking blogging available to them, you see a fair spread of it on American blog sites; though not so much that you cannot browse fairly quickly and freely. Perhaps we are seeing a widening of the audience arena?

I for one, will not be opening the ‘other’ posts because I cannot be sure that these are honest and genuine. There are such a lot coming through, (which do not look particularly different) that it is making browsing on Blog UK, a poor use of time. In any case, if I wanted to communicate in another language, I would go to another language site, of which, there are many.


0 thoughts on “IF I WANTED TO, I WOULD!

  1. I agree with you. I have had a few come through and I really dont understand them and I dont if they can understand me. If they could why not do it in a language that my blog is in because eventually that is the language that I converse. Dont know maybe it is a nitpik thing dont know

  2. Why would it be a nit pick. I personally think, you stance is valid.

    There are blog groups, why not form a Latin language one, or a African language group, etc.

  3. I think there are. Some of the ones that are filtering through and into other blogs if you look at them I get the feel that they are more political. And actually a little scary because you just dont know what they are looking for. So I quickly get away from those. And it might just be they are blogging thier feelings but there are so many extremes outthere and I feel this and other blog sites are for personal pleasure not to further a cause. You know what I mean?

  4. yup, I know what you mean.

    Blogs are used for all sorts of purposes and there are sites that have correspondents, political and general, consultative and freelance. They are not all on particular media sites. Those bloggers do not usually clog up social community and networking sites with the kinds of posts they write, which are akin to articles. I have no idea what the linguists are up to.

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