I have signed and dated so many ruddy forms from this afternoon onwards, I have screwed up the date several times, forgotten part of my signature and started to become mesmerised. That’s when it’s time to take a break.

I made dinner. Thereafter my art of procrastination was wonderful. It’s 9.42pm, I have just forced myself back to the task of autographing seemingly, endless forms. Would I be more motivated if I got paid for every signatory swirl I created. I shall never know.

I’d better get the task finished before the date changes. Doh!




  1. It sounds like you should be being paid. Form-filling blindness often overtakes me – my favourite trick is to absently mindedly put down my date of birth with the day and month followed by 2009!

  2. Forms? Pah!

    This is C21. Who fills in forms in this modern techonological age?

    I would simply wave my bar coded, biometric, encrypted PIN and chips wondercard over the DHSS canner and let the computer take the strain.

    Ah, I now see that, courtesy of the public sector’s excellent record in IT projects the computer has filled in the forms as follows: I am a thirty one year old left handed gay Nigerian asylum seeker asking for one disability allowance, two carers’ allowances, tax credits for three wives and child benefit for four children.


  3. :))

    I managed an American back to front once or twice, putting zeros where there shouldn’t have been any, and too many figure ones. 2011 loomed large on one ‘doing’. Just as I thought I’d finished, I found four more forms.

    I can now understand why so many signatures are foreshortened, illegible, or barely signatures at all.

  4. You’ve been watching too much Dr Who. In the real world there are forms to sign, even some have to be filled by hand, they don’t all download in ‘friendly I.T. format’ and not everyone sees I.T as friendly, or a necessity, in their twilight zones.

    I couldn’t think of anything worse – trust I.T. to do everything, even get it wrong. That’s my prerogative!

  5. Can’t blame The Doctor for this one I’m afraid.

    My diatribe was prompted by the old axiom: “To err is human but if you really want to screw something up – get a computer”.

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